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Using the KTrax REST API

Using the KTrax REST API


API documentation

Please see this PDF file.


As an API users, you're especially welcome to contribute to KTrax.

Contact us before use

  1. Please contact us by email to obtain an API key.
  2. Please provide a description of your application, user base, etc. If available, provide a link to a draft/production version.
  3. Only requests with an email contact will be considered.
  4. If applicable, specify the IP address/server hostname from which you intend to use the REST API.
  5. Specify your estimated query frequency (in queries per hour) and an estimate of the average query result size (in kB) for your app.


Please adhere to the following best practices. Applications which don't follow these may be suspended at any time.

  1. Keep your query frequency and result size to the absolute minimum required by your application.
  2. Include your API key in every request as a CGI parameter (apikey=APPNAME-code).
  3. For technical reasons, the API key must be the last CGI parameter at the moment.
  4. If a query results in an application-level error, do not retry it.
  5. For other errors, use an appropriate backoff strategy before retrying. Do not exceed your query frequency estimate even in case of errors.
  6. If a query results in a status code of 301 (permanent redirection), update your links accordingly.
  7. For automated querying: After a query, wait 5 seconds until the next query. Do not issue concurrent queries.

Server software

The server software is available for licensing. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing.

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