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Contributing to KTrax

Contributing to KTrax

Over the years, development and operation of the KTrax site has grown to more than just a hobbyist project. As of 2020, we therefore kindly ask you for a moderate financial contribution for processing the Logbook data.

We offer plans for airports (recommended) and aircraft. We decided to keep access to the range analyser free to support safety awareness for FLARM installations.

Free trial

We also offer a free trial for 1 month of the STANDARD plan. Please just send email to Gerhard with your airfield ID.


You can pay using your credit card using the buttons below. For the STANDARD and PREMIUM plans, you can also pay via SEPA bank transfer if preferred. Please send email to Gerhard for details.

Please specify airport name/ID and any callsign(s) exactly as they appear in the logbook.

Airport plans

  • Unlimited public records of takeoffs and landings with web access
  • Logbook tables for airport and all aircraft taking off and landing on subscribed airport
  • Correlation of glider takeoffs with tow planes
  • REST API for integration into own systems
  • CSV download (for loading into Excel)
  • Public recording of pilot name/club membership number (if desired)
  • 40 days data retention (Web, REST, CSV)
  • Valid for 1 year plus 1 month
  • Email support
Like STANDARD, but with:
  • CSV data (Excel) retained for one year
  • Hosting of your fleet on the Fleet Reports page.
  • Phone support

Like STANDARD, but limited to 2000 takeoffs.

Recommended for small clubs or longer gliding camps.

Like SMALL, but limited to 1000 takeoffs.

Recommended for small clubs with limited instruction, restricted or winch-only fields, short gliding camps etc.

EUR 179 (13 months) EUR 279 (13 months) EUR 79 (13 months or 2000 TKOFs) EUR 49 (13 months or 1000 TKOFs)





We strongly recommend chosing a plan appropriate for the number of takeoffs you estimate for your airport per year. An aerotow counts as two takeoffs. Update: Aircraft with hidden ID do not count towards the limit—However, we still strongly recommend to sign them up on DDB!

Plans with limited takeoffs run out once the limit is reached. You can always renew within one month without losing any data.

Aircraft plans

The aircraft plans below give you access to the web logbook for a year for a specific callsign, wherever you fly (OGN station coverage required; data retention 1 month). These plans are recommended only for private owners/operators who fly at various airports.

Single seater gliders Double seater gliders, 1-3 seater GA aircraft, TMG, tow planes Helicopters; 4+ seats except tow planes; commercial ops (anything requiring a commercial pilot's license)
16.-- EUR 11.20 (13 months) 32.-- 22.40 (13 months) 50.-- 35.00 (13 months)




How to pay using the buttons above (PayPal)

Use of contributions

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Things to remember

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