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KTrax range report: D-KDDH

Report date: 2021-06-18T23:43:36Z
Last measurement: 2021-05-31T15:56:24Z
Callsign/ID: D-KDDH/flarm:DF156C
Original device ID(s):
Versions: Hardware: 43/Software: 7.03 (received: 2021-05-31T15:55:13Z)
Received by: 70 station(s): AIRS11718 AIRSQ04 Altikon BadWrshfn Berglen Berglen2p Boesingen Bohlhof BuchS EDFU EDMC EDNE EDNQ EDNW EDPJ EDPT EDPY EDRL EDSA EDSD EDSG EDSH EDSI EDSK EDSR EDST EDSV EDTD EDTE EDTG EDTL EDTM EDTW EDTY Farrenb4 Freudens Guenzburg Heilbronn Hengstett Hilzingen Hohelohe Hornberg Huelben LFGA LFGB LOIH LSPA LSPF LSVIHB LSZU Lautlingn Letzi MAUR Malmsheim Markdorf Musbach OberWinti Rottenbrg Schaffhsn Ulm1 VillaBlau Voelklesh Wank Wemding dl2gkm dl4mea-8 dl4mea8 dl4mea9 dl5mcg uebersbg
Echos used: 85897 out of 85897
Average frequency deviation: -13 kHz
Average GPS accuracy: 1.6 m
Position jumps: 0
Links: SARLogbook
Database version: ktrax-ogn v3.1.2

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