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KTrax range report: D-9144

Report date: 2022-11-28T14:46:08Z
Last measurement: 2022-11-01T15:22:29Z
Callsign/ID: D-9144/flarm:DDC1BB
Original device ID(s):
Versions: Hardware: 0A/Software: 7.06 (received: 2022-11-01T15:19:02Z)
Received by: 17 station(s): AVXD83475 Airsq721 Boesingen Bulach EDSA EDSD EDSP EDST EDSV EDTD EDTE EDTM Farrenb3 Heilbronn Mockman Musbach Rottenbrg
Echos used: 353470 out of 414770
Average frequency deviation: -2.96 kHz
Average GPS accuracy: 2.5 m
Position jumps: 0
Links: SARLogbook
Database version: ktrax-ogn v3.2.0

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