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KTrax range report: D-2322

Report date: 2022-08-14T16:42:16Z
Last measurement: 2022-07-23T16:51:31Z
Callsign/ID: D-2322/flarm:DD80D6
Original device ID(s):
Versions: Hardware: -/Software: - (received: -)
Received by: 44 station(s): AVXB16432 Airsq721 Altikon Berglen2p Boesingen Bohlhof Bulach EDRL EDSA EDSD EDSF EDSG EDSK EDSP EDST EDSV EDTD EDTE EDTF EDTG EDTL EDTM EDTY Farrenb3 HUEWI1 Heilbronn Klippneck LFGA LSZU Lautlingn Letzi Luzern MAUR MUENSNG Malmsheim Markdorf MenzleSG1 Mockman Musbach Pizol Rottenbrg VillaBlau Voelklesh ZHAWisc
Echos used: 148701 out of 152299
Average frequency deviation: 4.63 kHz
Average GPS accuracy: 3 m
Position jumps: 0
Links: SARLogbook
Database version: ktrax-ogn v3.1.3

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