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KTrax range report: D-EIKE

Report date: 2022-01-19T08:19:09Z
Last measurement: 2022-01-15T13:17:43Z
Callsign/ID: D-EIKE/icao:3D1AD0
Original device ID(s): DD0434
Versions: Hardware: 32/Software: 7.04 (received: 2022-01-15T13:15:49Z)
Received by: 55 station(s): AIRSQ04 Achern Agathazel Airsq721 Altusried Bene Berglen Boesingen DL4MEA-8 EDMC EDMKTower EDNE EDNG EDPK EDRL EDSA EDSG EDSK EDSP EDST EDSV EDTD EDTE EDTG EDTL EDTM EDTW Geratshof Heilbronn Hengstett Kitzbuehl Klippneck LFSH LOIH LOWZ LuDaN Mittbach Mockman Musbach RHST RoMed Rofan Rottenbrg Ruesselsh Schmitten Schwend SfvWug StJohann TraunstW VillaBlau Walter Wemding WemdingA airs12345 tegelbg
Echos used: 7357 out of 7514
Average frequency deviation: 5.73 kHz
Average GPS accuracy: 20 m
Position jumps: 0
Links: SARLogbook
Database version: ktrax-ogn v3.1.3

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