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KISS Technologies - Home KISS Technologies specializes in Systems and Applications development (including embedded), Optimization and Control algorithms and Modeling and Simulation. Our offer ranges from training/consulting services to the development of complete, well-specified products. We commit to very high Swiss quality standards and customer satisfation is our primary goal.

Our motto is to Keep it Simple and StraightforwardSuccess by simplicity. By strict adherence to our motto we deliver projects cost effectively and on time. Or, as Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs put it, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Depending on your business needs, we help your team by coaching and training in areas of your choice, or we take on entire subprojects and thereby accelerate your development process. Often, a combination of both approaches turns out to be most effective.

We offer our services directly and via resellers like gulp.de or solcom.de.

Our offer

Improving the efficiency of your team

  • Team Building
  • Technical Coaching
  • Technical Recruiting
  • Best Practices in Hiring
  • Best Practices in Software and Hardware development

Legacy systems in COBOL, CICS etc.

  • Servicing, bugfixes and refactoring
  • Switchover to modern infrastructure


  • Controllers and their optimization, Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Image processing, Computer Vision
  • Sensor fusion
  • Deep learning, e.g. TensorFlow
  • Modeling and simulation (Matlab, Simulink, C/C++ etc.)
  • Statistical analysis, Big Data

Software development

  • Development of clean and simple designs
  • Deep dives into algorithms, performance issues and bugfixes for existing legacy systems
  • High performance web backends
  • C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift
  • High-Integrity C++ development
  • Web-based GIS systems
  • Mobile development on iOS and Android

Hardware and Embedded

  • Embedded hardware and software development including drivers and RF hardware: I2C, SPI, CAN-Bus; ISM, ZigBee, ...

Renewable Energy

  • The KISS founder is a certified Wind Energy expert
  • Wind potential measurement, expertise and micrositing for wind energy projects (e.g. LIDAR measurements)


  • Avionics consulting (development, testing and installation) with a focus on navigation, radar and collision avoidance

Writing and Communication

  • Technical writing, document management and translation (English/German/French; Spanish and Russian together with partners)
  • Glossary management

For pre-seed startups

  • Business model validation
  • Provision of test users
  • Interview potential customers
  • Define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
The above list is not exhaustive. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


This page is about the technology company. The New York hard rock band by the same name can be found here.