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Contributing to KTrax

Contributing to KTrax

I've been developing KTrax because I like doing it and I hope it is a valuable service to the gliding and General Aviation community. It is used by many clubs and pilots worldwide for automated logkeeping, tracking and range assessment of FLARM installations.

As of 2019, development and operation of the KTrax site has grown to more than just a hobbyist project. I therefore kindly ask you for a moderate financial contribution.

You can do so by using your credit card using the buttons below.

  • Please enter your callsigns (not FLARM IDs) separated by commas.
  • Please select the correct number of single seaters, double seaters etc. in the Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart will open when you press Add to Cart.
  • Please select 'Check Out' instead of 'Check out with PayPal' to use your credit card.

I reserve the right to introduce a mandatory fee at any time, in particular for use of advanced functions like the REST API. In case this happens during 2019, as a 'signup bonus', those who contribute until May 31, 2019, will be exempt from the fee in 2020.

EUR/year suggested amount Aircraft type Payment
16.-- Single seater gliders
32.-- Double seater gliders, 1-3 seater GA aircraft, TMG, tow planes
50.-- Helicopters; 4+ seats except tow planes; commercial ops (anything requiring a commercial pilot's license)

Contributions will be used for:

  • Operating expenses of the KTrax web site (Logbook, Range analyzer, Tracking)
  • Phone and email support
  • Consolidation of code base and development of new features
  • Adaptations to the evolving OGN infrastructure
  • Bugfixes, improvements

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Things to remember

  • The Logbook requires an OGN receiver station at your site.
  • Your aircraft should be registered in the DDB.
  • Service depends on the OGN server network.